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Dr. Carrie Donahue

Dr. Carrie's passion for holistic veterinary medicine has been with her from the beginning.  After graduating from vet school at the University of Wisconsin, she immediately sought training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathics, Reiki and animal massage.  

She is able to offer integrative care for your companion animal, by using the most natural and most effective tools to keep your pet healthy and to help him heal  when he's not.  Dr. Carrie strongly believes in helping to support the body through good nutrition and gentle maintenance. 

Dr. Carrie loves working with older dogs and cats, and empowering owners with the tools and resources they need to care for their senior companions at home through all stages of life.  Improving quality of life is always the goal.

Dr. Carrie is a Madison area native, and grew up on a small farm in the Vermont Valley outside of Mt. Horeb.  This landscape shaped the person that she is and the veterinarian that she has become.  She currently lives in Madison with her 6 year old daughter, two rescued bengal cats and her rescued Boston Terrier, Peggy Sue.  


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