At Full Circle, we provide holistic, integrative veterinary care -- over the phone, through email, video chat, and on housecalls.  Here's a bit more information about who we are and what we do.  

Holistic = the whole being

Dr. Carrie Donahue and Full Circle have
Find out what a difference a natural approach will make for your pet!

During a most visits, whether it is in person or virtual, clients are interested in getting information on natural alternatives to many of the preventatives and vaccines that are routinely given to pets -- and we discuss that at any and every visit!  There are alternatives to vaccinations, flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives and most medications.  There are also ways to detoxify when conventional treatments are given.  We love discussing diet and nutrition as well.  We take as much time as we need so that all of your questions are answered and you leave the visit feeling like you know more than when you came in.  We also want pet owners to leave feeling empowered that they are in full control of their pets' health. Every animal is evaluated individually and we will help you come up with a realistic plan for your pet's best possible health. Vaccines,  preventatives, pharmaceuticals are not harmless and are best used with full intention; we will help guide you and provide up to date information about the risk of the diseases and parasites that we are attempting to prevent or treat.  Then you, as the animal guardian, make the ultimate decision.  That being said, we do provide appropriate vaccinations, preventatives and pharmaceuticals based on your pets' needs.  The following is a list of the services we provide.

Black Dog

Cancer Care Consultation

Find out the many options in the treatment and care of cancer

Dr. Carrie has made it a mission of hers to educate pet owners dealing with cancer that there ARE alternatives to conventional cancer care and treatment. It is not black and white -- meaning it does not have to be chemotherapy vs nothing or surgery vs nothing, or radiation vs nothing. There are SO MANY ways that pet owners can support, treat and sometimes cure their pet's cancer without conventional medicine! And there are so many ways that holistic medicine can work WITH conventional care -- in an integrative way. We will never make you feel guilty. Find out your options and make the best decision for you and your pet. We will help guide you down this path that can be very overwhelming and exhausting, and we will support you however we can. This service is provided through email, phone or video chat.

Sleeping Cat

End of Life / Hospice Consultation

Find out your options and gather information about providing peace and care for your pet at this time

If you are interested in providing your companion with the best quality of life at the end of life, without major interventions, please give us a call. We would love to talk to you about what you can do to support your pet at or near the end of his or her life, and how to know when it is time to think about letting them go. Dr. Carrie has helped hundreds of pet owners make decisions that are in the best interest of the animals and the caregivers. The end of a pet's life is a difficult experience to go through, and pet owners need support. You are NOT alone. We offer no judgment, we don't tell you what you should do, and don't make you feel guilty. We are here to give you a helping hand and the tools you need. If euthanasia is chosen, we will help make that process as peaceful as possible. Please go to our partner website to read more.

Natural Herbs


The power of medicinal plants

Herbs are powerful medicines, and animals respond amazingly well to herbs! Without the side - effects of pharmaceuticals. We offer Chinese and Western herbals in a variety of forms -- tinctures, powders, capsules and even transdermals. One of the newest herbals on the market is CBD oil, which has proven to be very effective for a wide variety of conditions in animals, for example pain, anxiety, nausea, inflammation, arthritis, and cancer care.

Aromatic Oils

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy for pets

We LOVE aromatherapy!! Essential oils can be used for a wide variety of health conditions, and work on an energetic level, so there's nothing that you have to give orally -- just expose your pets to the healing power of oils! We most often use Young Living Oils, and can show you how to get involved in using the oils safely for your pets!