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Our available services and current pricing.  Please text, email, call or click on the link to schedule.  

Cat in Basket

Home Euthanasia Service Only

Peaceful home euthanasia for your beloved companion.  We do not provide aftercare for this service, most clients selecting this option choose home burial.  A clay paw print impression can be made at home if preferred.  


Cats:  $225
Dogs under 40 lbs:  $250
Dogs 40-90 lbs:  $275
Dogs over 90 lbs:  $300

Image by Rob Wingate

Home Euthanasia with
Communal Cremation

Gentle home euthanasia with cremation.  Ashes are not returned with this service, but we will lovingly transport your pet to our cremation facility where they will be treated with the utmost care.  A clay paw print impression can be made and returned.  


Cats:  $310
Dogs under 40 lbs:  $345
Dogs 40-90 lbs:  $365
Dogs over 90 lbs:  $410

Cat Cuddles

Home Euthanasia with
Private Cremation

Compassionate home euthanasia with individual cremation, ashes are returned in a lovely wooden urn with a brass nameplate. A clay paw print can be made and returned as well.  We will lovingly transport your pet directly to the cremation service. 


Cats:  $395
Dogs under 40 lbs:  $420
Dogs 40-90 lbs:  $450
Dogs over 90 lbs:  $490

Image by Anna Dudkova

Hospice or End of Life

At Full Circle, we believe in the importance of discussion and talking through situations and decisions in regard to your pet.  We offer in-home and virtual medical consultations and assessments for pets at the end of life.  This visit is designed to help us learn more about your pet, their needs, and their condition, and also to help us get to know you and your family. 

With years of experience in this field, we will bring you peace of mind when deciding on the best path for you and your beloved companion. During this stage of your pet’s life, we understand that you have many questions about your pet’s care and Full Circle is here to help.


Over the Phone:  Complementary
In-Home:  $115

Clay Paw Print Memorial

A clay paw print impression can be made by the cremation service with communal and private cremation options and returned back to you.  If you are choosing home burial, we can bring clay and instructions, and help you to make one at home if you would like. 



Additional Information

  • Our online scheduler allows appointment booking between 9am and 7pm, if you are looking for services outside of these hours, please contact us directly at 608-909-0002 (text preferred) and we can help to make the arrangements

  • For locations outside of Dane County, there will be an additional travel fee added based on driving time to your home.  

  • Weekend and holiday appointments will have an additional $50 fee added to services. 

  • Dr. Carrie will come by herself to your home to help your pet pass peacefully.  For pets over 40 lbs, we will request your assistance in helping your pet to the vehicle afterwards if you choose cremation (we will bring a soft stretcher with handles for transport.)  Please let us know if this is not possible and we will arrange for additional help. 

Image by Jack Brind