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Pet Memorials

We invite you to share a written memorial and pictures dedicated to your beloved companion.  Click on the button below to submit a special tribute to be posted here.  



Rocky my sweet boy, you brought our family so many wonderful years. You got to meet all four of our beautiful children! We love you so much big boy and we will see you again


My beautiful baby girl that I loved so very much is waiting for me no longer suffering


Lucky was such a good boy. So loving, loyal, energetic, compassionate, smart and fast! We will miss him dearly.


Little Maya came to us on a cold damp fall day when my husband found her crying in our backyard. After no one had reported her missing to police or our local humane society, she found her way into our hearts. She always was a skittish, petite little thing who’d run and hide if any stranger came into our home. Her instincts were sharp and she’d come out just as soon as the coast was clear. Everything was on her terms. Maya hated to be picked up but would jump up on our laps and give us loving when it suited her. If I didn’t pay her enough attention, she’d be head butting me to make me notice her. While annoying when I was trying to read or watch TV, it is the thing I miss most. Rest well little one. You are missed in a big way.


When Hershey and I found each other, she was already ten years old. She'd had a difficult life, so it wasn't easy at first to go for walks and be around other dogs. Once she got the hang of it though, she loved to go walking and for rides in the car. She even became friends with another friend's dog! The two of them loved going to the private dog park where they had the place to themselves to run, check out all the smells and play! She was my sweet girl and I loved her spirit. We grew to be best buddies in a short amount of time and we made the most of it- l definitely miss her!


Missed his daddy so much he had to go see him. 6 months and a day was long enough without dad. Was a wonderful, loving addition to our family.  We will miss him immensely. Thank you for being so thoughtful and patient with our little man.


Appa came to us from Puerto Rico. He was rescued by an amazing organization there from a life on the streets. He was scarred, emaciated, missing his tail, and would not make eye contact with humans or other animals. After some TLC, he was sent to Wisconsin to find a family. We were lucky enough to welcome him into our pack as our second dog. Our son, in particular, was smitten with him.
Despite weak back legs and a lifetime of trauma, Appa was a gentle giant who slowly came out of his shell. In the four years we had him, he became famous for his goofy antics and smile. When we welcomed a third dog into our home, Appa was that frightened little rescue's instant favorite.
In his last months, Appa's body was healthy, but his mind began to stray from us. He began barking in fear at things only he could see, and began spending his nights getting lost in the house he knew so well. He was anxious and withdrawn, seemingly into memories of more painful times.
We promised him when he came to us that he would never know pain or fear ever again. It was time to keep that promise.
Appa died at home on a beautiful summer afternoon, surrounded by his pack of humans and canines. It was one of the most painful and beautiful moments of our family's life. Doctor Carrie has a presence that is more angelic than human. She brought with her a peace and compassion that we sorely needed. Our other two dogs, who usually jump all over visitors, calmly greeted her, responding to her energy.
We miss our sweet Appa every day. We miss his way of stealing our spots on the sofa when we get up for a moment. We miss his excitement when it's time for a walk, and we miss seeing him lounge in the sun in our backyard. A dog who had experienced some of the greatest cruelties of life was somehow the sweetest we've ever known. We will forever miss our boy. Love you, Appa. Your legs are strong again, and there's no more fear. See you across the rainbow bridge. <3


It is with heavy hearts we had to let our special little boy Fred reach the rainbow bridge today. We were so fortunate to have Dr. Carrie help us through the process. It was her kind and loving words that helped us navigate through this very difficult time.
As our hearts break, we know Fred is now pain free, running and playing and excited to be with those who were waiting on the other side. We truly feel blessed to have had the best dog ever


Handsome Sam. He was our "Little Man". We loved growing up and growing old together. From Sam the kitten who would terrorize his older sister Chelsea. To the gentle blind Sweet Sam, you are loved and missed.


Dutch spent his early years on the road with his Dad. They traveled the country - hiking the mountains , going on long road trips to their next adventure. You could find him soaking up the sun on a sunny day and waiting for the next time his dad said  the words “load up”. Dutch was always ready for his next adventure. He spent countless hours cuddled up  anywhere with his mom. He was his mom’s protector and brightened each of her days. All  of the people that have met Dutch throughout his adventures and his life know what a kind, sweet and beautiful soul he had. We were blessed to have been his dog parents. He will be missed every single day and we will keep him in our hearts forever and always. Dutch/Bubba/Bud/The Dude - We love you. we hope you are running wild and free.