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With the rise of telemedicine and virtual veterinary appointments, visiting the veterinarian has never been easier! Many of our telemedicine appointments are facilitated through the easy-to-use, streamlined Anipanion app and the Anipanion website (you don't have to download an app unless you'd like to!) At Full Circle Veterinary Care, we’re so happy to be able to provide our patients with stress-free virtual consultations to address medical issues, and we are able to provide the same standard of care in a safe and simple way. 

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows you to access integrative veterinary care with Dr. Carrie Donahue with the click of a button. In general, telemedicine refers to any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment that’s provided through an electronic means, rather than in-person. Telemedicine includes appointments that occur over the phone, through email messages, through a text chat, or in a video call. We offer all of these options for our telemedicine consultations, just choose whichever format works the best for you!  See below for more information on each service, and how to book your telemedicine appointment, or have instant access through chat, during office hours. 


Types of Consultations

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Chat Now!

We are able to offer on-demand chat with Dr. Carrie during her available hours, through the Anipanion app and website.  You can have a real-time conversation, provide photographs, and have your visit and recommendations documented for your records.  You will see if Dr. Carrie is available for messaging once you register and log in.   

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Video Consult

We can schedule a video consultation with you and your pet! We use Anipanion for this service, and at the end of the consultation you'll receive a written summary of your visit.  Either download the app or head to the website to register!  You can book this online, or call, text, or email to set up the video appointment.   

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Phone Consult

The original telemedicine format!  We would love to discuss your pet with you over the phone!  We are able to provide the same level of care with phone consultations, without the worry of internet connections.  You can book this appointment online or email, call, or text to set up a time to talk.   


Email Consult

This is a simple way to have questions answered by Dr. Carrie about your pet and your current concerns.  We have a form that you can fill out, and we'll get back to you with an email reply within two business days.  We look forward to your email!  


Our Telemedicine Partner

Anipanion allows us to provide virtual services through video appointments or on-demand chat sessions.  It's easy to download the app, or the platform can be accessed directly through their website.  Just register yourself and your pet, and you'll be chatting with us in no time!